Friday, 9 May 2008

Using Brightkite in Shanghai

I've trying work out how to make Brightkite useful when the Google Map for shanghai is pretty but useless. In fact if you go to the Map mode you will discover that shanghai has actually only two roads. So after sending a couple of messages through GetSatisfaction I was quickly informed that I could check-in using a latitude and longitude.

My next challenge was to find out what my latitude and longitude was. The answer to every question can be found in Google and after a few seconds I found which quite simply allowed me to drop a marker where I was and it would give me the correct coordinates.

So now I can let the world know exactly where I am without people actually understanding where I am, and that's how I use brightkite in Shanghai.

My office (as you can see above) is located at 31.214783, 121.389613. Drop in for a chat if you get the chance.

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