Monday, 26 May 2008

In Response to "Americans trail Chinese in understanding another person’s perspective"

Americans trail Chinese in understanding another person's perspective:

When will Americans realize the world has changed? :

Paul Denlinger, the author of the blog recently tweeted these two articles about Americans. A common perception of America, especially in Asia is one of a Cowboy Superpower that disregards others. The strange thing is many Amercians, within their borders, are completely oblivious to this perception.

However when you speak to an American expatriate in Asia, they are generally very understanding of how they are seen to the world. They are logically patriotic but not in an confrontational way and they (although they generally do not subscribe to) understand the cultural and societal differences between Western ideology and Eastern/ Middle Eastern ideology. They, unlike those tested in the University of Chicago, do have the ability to understand another person's perspective without giving up their own beliefs of the rights of the individual. They, I believe, in essence provide evidence to suggest that perception and individual focus of Western Culture are not mutually exclusive.

Further to this is a proportion of the American population that have a thumb in each pie. Chinese American's, I believe, have a thorough belief and understanding of thinking on behalf of the “collective” through immigrant families that exist in an individualist society. In a culture like the USA that have accepted immigrants from nations of Collectivists Gone Wrong we see that much of that ability to perceive on behalf of others is retained, and in the case of China, where it went wrong and is now begun the long road to getting it right, the country is benefiting from the return of 2nd generation American Chinese that bring with them the cultural residue of Collectivism through their families and the drive that comes with Individualism of mainstream American culture. It is these people and their offspring that will be key power brokers that will bridge the divide between the shrinking American Empire and the Growing Global “hyperconnected” Collective.

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