Sunday, 20 July 2008

10 of this months most popular far (July 1 - July 19)

  1. Beijing Boyce » Um, really? SCMP claims Beijing to ban blacks, Mongolians at bars
  2. Fears of a 'no-fun' Olympics in Beijing |
  3. Commandos free hostage from jungle hell after six years |
  4. Brooklyn Museum: Community: bloggers@brooklynmuseum » Shelley Bernstein
  5. Police deny bar owners' claims of restrictions on blacks in Sanlitun
  6. Chinese Bloggers Scale The 'Great Firewall' In Riot's Aftermath -
  7. “The Connection Has Been Reset”
  8. China Olympic Terrorists
  9. India jails widower for raising orphaned bear - South and Central Asia-
  10. Digg - A letter to Richard Dawkins regarding the existence of God

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