Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Pics from my phone

It's 2am and I am just to lazy to reorganize these images from my current trip to Singapore that I took from my phone in chronological order.

Attention to detail. At Changi Airport they actually organize and separate the trolleys so you don't have to yank them from each other.

Picture taken with my Nokia 6120 Classic from a moving bus. I am amazed at the speed of the capture since to the naked eye, that flag was a blur.

Since they no longer allow any lighters into the airport departure terminal at Pudong Airport they have now chained 2 disposable butane lighters to the wall of the smoking room. Obviously since there are far more smokers than there is butane they have instructed you to use the lighters sparingly. So please do not reheat your tin of luncheon meat with them.

Pudong Airport again at the Hopestar Coffee and Cate. I wonder which one of them is Cate.

Hmmm delicious "Pig Organ Soup & Kway Chap".

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