Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Flaming the Flame

Earlier this week I got another facebook invitation to join a group called "Disrupting the torch relay is a great way to tell China to get out Tibet!". Following the news on London, Paris and now the San Fran leg of the relay begs the question of whether this is still an issue about Tibet or is this an issue about China?

Danwei tweeted a site that provides a style commentary on the hoo hah about the upcoming Beijing games. Somewhat of an anti-anti-Beijing-Olympics standpoint, while the China Daily (with falls under the Ministry of Propaganda in China) has been
writing about pre 1956 Tibet and comparing the Tibetan Monks to the Taliban.

Do you think things will calm down before the games? It looks like the early adopters that were originally pro-Independance are now becoming almost comical. Are people joining the protests because they really care about Tibet or has it become an international game of "catch the flag". With 2 months to go until the opening ceremony will this issue lose steam?

I hope so, because it seems that of all the things that the Olympics could or should stand for, the one thing that that the media seemed to have not covered is that the Olympics is about COMPETITIVE SPORT! Hopefully the athletes who have trained their entire life to compete in
this event don't have their limelight stolen by rioters.

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