Wednesday, 19 March 2008

President Bush Fire? Congratulation on your success.

On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War 2.0 I feel compelled to comment on the current state of affairs regarding Iraq.

First of all I'd like to commend the Bush strategy's "War on Terror". The more I think about it the more it makes perfect sense. Terrorism is like a bushfire that has raged out of control. Bushfires are good things. They rejuvenate the foliage and make way for seeds to grow into the trees of the future. It's Mother Nature's way of saying "We're Gonna Have a Revolution...". So lets consider this forest that is burning the the Middle East.

But when the fire catches a gust of wind and spreads to your million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills, something must be done. You can't douse a bushfire. The only way to stop it is to back burn. To, in essence, fight fire with fire!

And there is the logic genius in the "Fight Fire with Fire" attitude of the Bush administration. When you back burn to control a fire that is out of control you burn parts of the bush (no pun intended) in a controlled manner so that the uncontrolled fire has nothing left to burn and burns out. (in case you haven't worked out the metaphor here yet FIRE = TERROR) By creating manageable terror in the US over the last 8 years, it have taken the edge off anything Osama and his troop of roving bombers can throw at the US Empire. Think about it. If you are scared of the CHANCE that your next door neighbor is a terrorist, then real terrorist might not bother to scare someone who is already scared and if you're already scared chances are that you have a 12 gage next to your front door so why risk serious injury.

Brilliant! huh?

But why stop there. Osama is probably in Afganistan or Pakistan. So lets carpet bomb Bagdad! Scare the f@#k out of the Iraqi's. Genius! Back burn even before the fire get close to the Hollywood Hills. In fact let's back burn before there's actually a bush fire.

Even Saddam tried it. Lets pretend to have weapons of Mass Destruction (by his own admission on death row) to scare the US. Although his attempt didn't work exactly as planned.

Chinese Toys, Mexican Immigrants, Dangers of Pesticides, Cancer from cigarettes, Speed Limits. All strategic ploys by the Bush Administration to create controlled terror in the hearts and minds of US citizens to make them immune if not completely prepared for any potential evils that lurk in the shadows of international diplomacy.

At the end of your second successful term as leader of the free world, I applaud your foresight. If only the incumbent will have the same wisdom as you to keep this back burning going to protect the free from the tyranny of real terror.

PS. I know, lets characterize the Chinese as a suppressive regime. It will be like the cold war all over again. You bring the popcorn, I'll bring the beer!

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Stay tuned for our next article "Am I the only person who thinks Obama sounds too much like Osama?"

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