Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The King's Big Stick

Governor Spitzer. What were you thinking? Why would you ask a hooker to travel from New York when Washington is full of Whores. But I don't want to talk about him. I want to talk about evolution.

In my mind a pimp is a Snoop Dog looking guy in a purple suit, a wide brimmed "Starsky & Hutchesque" furry hat and a 400lb bald side-kick OR a Heidi Fleiss/ Joan Collins style madam. Looking at the screen grabs for the Emperor Club VIP site, this looks like a really we designed site, unlike the Google Ad links I get on the margin of my Plaxo page for Shanghai massage parlors.

So I am interested in seeing if some enterprising investigative journalist is going to report who is behind this business. A business that provides side income to struggling students, out of work models and busy New York business women who just don't have the time to date. Will it be a college professor at Harvard? Will it be a pimply faced computer geek, running the site from the basement of his mothers suburban bungalow in Queens? Or will it be an advertising exec misappropriating the resources of his company to make some money from all the girls he meets at product launches and fashion shows?

My question is as we enter a new post-Bush era, who is the pimp in our society?

<<BREAKING NEWS>>;_ylt=AoJ_i.Vs6NlX3mFrQ6d2nGBH2ocA

My question is answered. Thank you Adam Goldman of Associated Press.

"Mark Brener, 62, and Cecil "Katie" Suwal, 23, are accused of running the agency.

Brener, an Israeli native with an expertise in financial consulting, recruited the prostitutes and marketed the club, and Suwal, who graduated from the prestigious Blair Academy in New Jersey, handled its day-to-day operations, prosecutors said."

A Jewish financial consultant and a co-ed boarding school graduate. This is what pimps have become? Internet marketing, recruitment, administrative management? This almost sounds like...nay... it does sound like a headhunting company. Has Fuzzy Bear thrown in his street
corner for an MBA, a downtown office and Powerpoint presentations?

I read also that the sum of money paid by Spitzer was for partially for services rendered as well as for future services. Are we talking pre-paid cards? Is there opportunity for RFID technology providers in the sex trade. Will we be able to use our Octopus Card for my train fare, a sandwich and a blowjob? The future of the worlds oldest profession looks bright.

If we extrapolate further... can I accumulate miles or rewards points?, and if so did Gov. Spitzer use those points to pay for the extra room at the Mayfair. (What a value proposition, the more I cheat on my wife, the easier it is for me to afford it.)

You know folks. All this stinks of legitimate business. There was no talk of drugs or violence. It was an out of work musician...(I was almost on the money there) and a married man who happened to hold public office. The Emperor Club simply put them together. Both client and
worker are screened. The call girls travel internationally as well as interstate. This simply looks like a case of supply meeting demand.

I know I know, think of the family/ think of the children (who incidentally is 4 years younger than the call girl) but at the end of the day, you give a man enough money and power, he's going to cheat anyway. Isn't it better that the woman is paid in cash rather than affection?... the only real victim of this crime are the guys that can't afford $5,500 per hour of gratification.......

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